The Pale

Thursday 27th February

Tickets £10   | 19:30

The Pale are an Irish band of varying genres including rock, and indie. The band are noted for strong lyrical content, eclectic musical stylings, strong melodic and songwriting focus. A prolific band, they have recorded twelve albums and have toured extensively in Ireland and abroad.

They began their live career with a residency in the International Bar in Dublin.  One feature that distinguished the early Pale from other bands was their decision to use a drum machine instead of a drummer.With some financial backing from U2 Manager, Paul McGuinness,] the band recorded two mini albums called Why Go Bald (1990) and The Happy Ring House (1991). Both titles for were taken from neon signs in Dublin, one on Dame Lane and the other on O’Connell Street in Dublin.

The mini-albums, coupled with the band’s growing live reputation led to international interest and their eventual signing to A&M records in early 1992. They released their debut album on A&M Records in 1992 called Here’s One We Made Earlier. The album was critically praised in the music press with Vox Magazine in the UK memorably describe its sound as “conventional balladry to make MOR stalwarts weep enviously, alongside mandolin frenzy that could only otherwise exist if Les Voix Bulgares became involved in an industrial drinking accident.