The Long Faces

Wednesday 20th October

Tickets £8   | 19:30

The Long Faces first developed a love of unusual music whilst at school in Canterbury, soaking up the city’s heritage of progressive rock, along with contemporary jazz, 60’s psychedelia and choral music. Combining agitated, emotive performance and a modern pop slant, the group has developed a style that both recalls its influences and pursues a path of its own. It is this blend of old and new which can explain the dreamlike sensation at the heart of their sound – surprising yet familiar; abstract and yet relatable.

With support from Hogarth and Kill Liz

HOGARTH is made up of producer Felix Stephens and singer Finn Lacey, two classically trained musicians who met at school, took influences from Indie pop and Bossa . Within Felix’s shed (studio) they cultivate a sound similar to the 60s sunshine classics of scorching California. The songs are characterised by fragmented latin percussion, close intimate vocals with a wistful undertone – think 21st century bubblegum pop. The lyrics explore wholesome ideals and themes of stinted coming of age. A ‘Peter Pan’ band if you like. Their tongue in cheek music videos for And I and Chin Up and Smile were made during the covid19 outbreak – the low budget video’s compliment songs that showcase the skilled songwriting and humble image of the group. Their debut EP Hogarth! came out on August 21st.

Once a flourish of Satan’s wildebeest, now a holy trinity of scrapbook rock. For one night only, the trifecta: Kill Liz.