Martha // Sunkin // Paris Paloma // Maggie Baring

Tuesday 19th October

Tickets £13   | 19:30

High Plateau Productions Presents:


UK based acoustic pop singer/ songwriter, Martha, has been plucking at the heart strings of her listeners since the age of 13 with her emotive, story telling lyrics and melodies.

Martha first discovered her love for music when she was challenged to deliver her first solo to the many faces of a church congregation at 9 years old. However, it wasn’t until her early teens that she discovered her passion for listening to and creating music within the realm of indie acoustic pop.

Martha has come a long way from being the little girl singing at the top of her lungs in church. During a global pandemic, Martha managed to chart at no.1 in the Uk singer/songwriter iTunes chart with her debut single ‘Her Name’s December’ followed by her debut EP ‘Lunar Eyes’ which also had great charting success reaching no.2! On top of this, Martha has also had numerous radio plays from various radio stations including BBC introducing. Martha looks forward to her future releases with her ever growing following and success.

Martha takes influence from the likes of Florence and the machine, Hozier and Aurora. She particularly loves the way in which they portray stories through imaginative lyrical content and it is evident that Martha has a natural ability to create prolific and engaging content in the way that she writes.


SUNKIN consists of Joe Ferdinand, Hector Cottam and Declan Brown – best friends and creative partners. Their musical journey together spans over an exciting six years with their previous project gathering a London cult following, being played on Radio X and becoming championed by Libertine, Gary Powell.

SUNKIN’s debut single ‘The Pond’ is the first taste of the culmination of two years of writing together. They returned to London in the Summer of 2019 after busking their way across Europe, honing their craft and testing all their material to countless audiences in Eleven different countries. 2020 has seen them reintroduce themselves with a unique debut single and a live set of emotive songs that will entice you deep into their world.

Paris Paloma

Paris Paloma is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from the UK. Her debut single “Narcissus” was released in 2020, followed by her second single “Ocean Baby” and her most popular track to date, “Underneath.” Her latest track “Cradle” releases on the 1st April 2021.

Cradle is Paris Paloma’s most vulnerable and emotive song yet. It sounds like the moment you realise that at one point as a child your parents put you down and never picked you back up again; of wanting to be small enough to be held in a way that is no longer possible once you reach adulthood, of grieving not only a person but also the loss of the way they held you platonically. In a time when the discussion around sexual violence is prevalent, it speaks of the touch-starvation that goes alongside the fear of being touched; mourning the loss of the protection that comes with being an infant, before the sense of “touch” becomes complicated and potentially damaging.

Maggie Baring

Maggie Baring is an 18 year old, UK based singer songwriter. Her simple, acoustic style and pure voice lend an individuality to her music that echoes folky, country styles. Maggie has been writing songs since she was 12, and plays piano and guitar. She performed her first live stream concert in lockdown in March, and is performing her debut live show on the 11th August at The Fiddler in London.
Maggie released her debut single, ‘T-Shirt’, in 2018 and has developed her sound along the way. In 2020 she released four singles, ‘Hit the Ground’, ‘The Morning After the Night Before’, ‘Conscious Dreaming’ and a collaboration with pianist Auriel, ‘Delphine’. All of these were produced from her bedroom during lockdown.
Maggie released two her new singles, ‘Sorrento’ and ‘Genesis’ in July 2021, her most successful songs to date.