Fuzz Skyler

Wednesday 1st September

Tickets £7   | 19:30

Fuzz Skyler are a five-piece piano rock band based in London. Influenced by rock giants such as Muse, Queen, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Nothing But Thieves and David Bowie, their music encompasses catchy melodies, strong vocals, driving riffs, big choruses and a unique image.

The group came together under British-Iranian lead singer and keys player, Fuzz. He headhunted Mark – drummer and Brit – at a Bowie tribute act. Auditioning Portuguese and Greek guitarists, Dan and Kostas, insisted they came as a pair. Lithuanian bassist Arnie was the final piece to the puzzle.

Support from SPRXNGBREAK

The unapologetically-exuberant SPRXNGBREAK was born in London, grew up in a German basement studio, was crafted in Manchester and invokes feelings of midnight drives in mid-80s California.

The “nostalgic soundtrack to a blissful sunset drive”, SPRXNGBREAK was birthed from a series of sessions between songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mick Warwick, and Grammy Award-winning producer Nate Cassells. When they bonded over their love of early Madonna B-sides, crisp choppy guitars, and dusty pink photographs, Cassells (who came up with the name SPRXNGBREAK when naming the Hard Drive on his computer) and Warwick, spent a month in a dark basement studio in rural Germany, slept on the floor and ate instant noodles whilst building upon their love of vintage movies and beautiful pop melodies until SPRXNGBREAK was born.

Once it was born, it stayed hidden and somewhat forgotten for five years. Cassells’ career changed direction, Warwick quit writing and moved to Manchester. One summer, whilst driving to his tech support job, Warwick rediscovered the original demo playlist and the ‘BREAK was reborn.

Now, 2 years later, having worked with Sid Batham, Sam Wiseman, Babylon Club, Memery, Dylan C. Greene, 3Kelves, Ben Nield (Violet Orchid), and more, SPRXNGBREAK are dropping new music – the NotHere EP is ready for release in September 2021.