Thursday 28th May

The Kilkennys

Friday 10th April

Suitcase Junket – POSTPONED

More Gigs

Thursday 9th April

Dirty Laces

Wednesday 15th April

Cut Glass Kings

Thursday 16th April

Patrick James

Sunday 19th April

Sion Hill

Wednesday 22nd April

The Grahams – POSTPONED

Thursday 23rd April

Dirty Sound Magnet

Friday 24th April

The Fog Joggers

Thursday 30th April

Padraig Jack

Thursday 7th May

Billy Mitchell

Thursday 14th May

David Ford

Thursday 28th May

The Kilkennys

Sunday 5th July

John Otway

Wednesday 2nd September

Luke Howard Trio

Tuesday 8th September

Frankie Gavin

Saturday 24th October

Rusty Shackle

Wednesday 25th November

Andy White

Tuesday 13th April

Some Sprouts